When it comes to the transformation of your core finance processes, what are your top priorities for improvement?

Cost Control & Capital Optimization
Reducing operational expenses while optimizing working capital for liquidity and future investment.
Revenue Growth
Maximizing growth by managing the ROI of investments into new business ventures.
Regulatory Necessity & Corporate Governance
Adhering to fast changing compliance reporting requirements to governing and tax authorities, as well as ensuring strong corporate controls.
Business Model Optimization
Modelling systems and operations to optimize finance processes and organizational efficiency.
Finance Innovation
Modernize systems with innovative technology that significantly boost the performance of the finance team.
Finance Process Automation & Acceleration
Automating inefficient, manual and repetitive tasks in the day to day activities of the finance organization.

Drag the Slider Bars above to rank each outcome priority from 5 (Identified as Extremely High Priority) to 0 (this is not of any interest to our organization to explore). No need to limit points - if there are multiple 5's, mark them all.